Monday 19 June 2017

Summertime Projects

It's been a while since I posted on here, thought I'd just share a few photos of recent projects.

I made this floaty dress, awaiting a hot day, such as we got this last weekend, to try it out in the lake. There are lots of floating things attached to the fabric, to see how it moves in the water- circles of  foam cut out from a carry mat, and all pool balls covered in stretchy fabric.

I found these foam strips in a skip! They are the edges of interlocking foam floor tiles- for some reason they stamp the shape out of a square, which leaves these excess edges to just be thrown away

I sprayed the foam strips with spray paint to give them a slightly tropical look!

It's always fun to do a splashy photo!

I felt like I was a frog in a lily pad

Another project below, using lots of bargain fabric from Standfast and Barracks, all bought for 2 or 1 pounds a metre (it was further reduced when I went back for more!)

I've intended for a while to make the most of the fact I have a twin sister, to get some slightly eerie/mythical looking photos of strangely alike persons

I used the fabric one way out on one dress, and the other way out on the second- as it wasn't sure which way I liked best!

The light was fading, but I'm really pleased with how these have turned out- rather than detracting from it, I think the light has enhanced them!

Photos by the most talented Rebecca Richards!