Friday 29 July 2016

A jazzy jacket begins

Bought a jacket to cover in colorful folded fabric pieces - some of which are leftover from my "seaside sunset" piece from several years ago. I'm enjoying the effect so far! :-)

Friday 22 July 2016

African running

I've started making a dress for my friend to do the great north run in...the top half is very simple as it shall have the charity name printed on it...And needs to be light and airy for coolness while running! May get a bit more creative with the skirt! :-) she asked for African fabrics to represent her chosen charity, which works with a community in Africa to help improve standards of health, education and employment...the Funzi and Bodo trust

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Kite flying and my first attempt at henna!

The kite performed admirably as a wind sock, but failed to go very high! Future attempts need something to help it go upwards...

The henna tattoo is for an actor in the show I'm currently working on- The Hobbit. Instead of drawing on her every day we decided to try henna so it lasts a couple of weeks!

Friday 15 July 2016

Kite making

Tonight I did some make-shift kite making for tomorrow's kite festival in Morecambe! Here it is draped over the banister...the big question is, will it fly tomorrow??!