Tuesday 23 August 2016

Bottle cap hat

I've started assembling the bottle caps into a crown- I've found that the unflattened caps look good threaded on wires- but the flattened ones are nice and decorative. I'm going to start being more choosy over which I flatten and which I don't, depending on the colours and patterns that I want to be most visible.
I melted holes in the fabric with a soldering iron in order to have something to cable tie through! It creates a really solid edge that won't fray or pull apart, so is much quicker than eyelets, and more durable than just cutting holes.
I'm building up layers in a colour spectrum- it looks really thick, which I like! I actually really like the effect just with the holes, so I might use the technique elsewhere on the costume where it will be more visible.

Poor Tom was the nearest person when I wanted to check how it looks on a human!
(This picture taken before the soldering holes were melted and flattened caps were arranged)

This is the shape I cut to make the hat- it was made by pinning a piece of fabric into shape over the cycle helmet that will form the base of the hat- then removing the fabric and equalising the left and right halves to make a symmetric shape. Then the shape was cut twice in the real fabric (to make the outside and the lining) and sewn together! 

Friday 12 August 2016