Tuesday 14 June 2016

Brolly walk

I took my umbrella parasol from last weekend's Carnival Bentham for a walk so my sister (who was unable to attend on the day) could have a go at getting some nice snaps!

She's an excellent photographer! Take a look at some of her work here...

The 'Thousand Mile Dress' continues it's journey through fields of foxgloves at Simpson Ground Reservoir near Windermere

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Carnival Bentham

Last week we went to Carnival Bentham to join in the carnival parade. The theme was umbrellas- so I made a few to match some of my outfits, and we had a great (if a little boiling) time in the sunshine enjoying the festivities! My friends were amazing and perserved with swanning around in costume in spite of the muggy temperatures. Hopefully more photos shall follow (during the umbrella parade my hands we a bit preoccupied with holding my brolly to take photos!). I wore my Thousand Mile Dress, and also wore it on the day after for a walk in Morecambe, which is pictured below as I didn't get a picture of it on Saturday!