Sunday 31 January 2016

A few new edits

My sister has been editing a few more photos of my costumes, I thought I'd show them here! The autumn ones are from a costume shoot that you may have seen other photographs from already. The angel costume had just arrived back from New Zealand in this photo, so my dad was trying it on in the living room. Impressed that my sister has turned it into an interesting photo when it is just in the front room!

Thursday 28 January 2016

Thousand mile dress sewing

I have an ongoing project, the Thousand Mile Dress, of which more can be read at However I thought I'd share my latest contribution to it here.I've been attaching these all over my dress, but it got to a point where I was finding it hard to reach the top of the skirt due to such volumes of I've made an apron which can cover the upper skirt.with it being flat it was easy to arrange the colours nicely too!

Tuesday 26 January 2016


I've been working on a few secretive projects for my next World of Wearable Art entry...But another thing I've started is to create something out of scraps of lighting gel (thin plastic to cover lights in order to change their colour) from the theatre I work at. The techies have kindly been collecting their scraps into a bag for me...and now I'm making pieces that shall be joined together to create multicolored fabric. I'll make a costume that shall be back lit in photographs to show the colours in the fabric.