Saturday 31 May 2014


Various random bits and pieces today! First I finished the jellyfish dress... apart from the outer dome (not sure what the technical term is!), which might be made from an umbrella, or maybe a hat, haven't quite decided yet! Also I've covered a cycle helmet in reflective scales, as part of the bodice I made a while ago... I will be interested to see how that comes out in photos, it may or may not work! And I've made some trial templates for skirt edging/trim, this is a new project...

Thursday 29 May 2014

Tuesday evening

I'm now working full time at the dukes theatre in Lancaster, so have to grab an hour or two wherever possible to do my own sewing. Apologies that there will be less on here for the next couple of months. I shall try and update once or twice a week though!
This picture shows how I've started to attach the ruffles, I've arranged them loosely in a colour spectrum, which I think works nicely! There shall be more yellow in the centre.

Monday 26 May 2014


Yesterday I added a lace up fastening to the jelly fish dress, and added further lace to the ruffle collection. The next stage is to join them together!

Friday 23 May 2014

Friday ruffles

All the ruffles are bound along the edges, and I've started to add lace bits too!

Thursday 22 May 2014


There's now a pink layer under the green skirt, though it's tricky to see it in the picture. Will be good for twirling around in though! Have further decorated the jellyfish dress also, it's almost ready for the trailing tendrils to be sewn on. I've also done some secret bridesmaid sewing today!

Tuesday 20 May 2014


I've done more jellyfish dress detail, plus I've removed the outer net layer of this green dress (bought, not made by me), and am reconstructing it in a more interesting way...

Sunday 18 May 2014

Jellyfish Insides!

Today I've been collecting and sewing some bits to go inside the circles on my jellyfish-inspired dress. When I think of jellyfish, I remember seeing hundreds on the beach in Scotland when we were on holiday once, and they all had little coloured loops inside, often blue ones- so that's what I'm aiming to represent here!

Saturday 17 May 2014

A couple of hours on a Saturday!

Added a couple of ruffles and did some more edging. Will attach then to the dress soon, but it's easiest to work on the dress when three are fewer trailing parts to get tangled!

Friday 16 May 2014


Really happy with today's changes! It's really exciting when you start the day with no idea what you're going to do, then ideas suddenly fall into place as you go along! The ruffles are only slightly different but look much more in keeping, and I love the colour combination.

Thursday 15 May 2014


I've done a little more on this dress today, quite pleased with how all the lace looks, though unsure about the blue ruffles on the top, it's like a giant rosette! Will maybe have a re- think there...

Wednesday 14 May 2014


I arrived very early today having not slept brilliantly, but was greeted by the first ray of sun I've even seen coming into the studio... There's clearly a very small window of time when this can happen!

I made more ruffles, and edged some of them, then started to make the dress they will be attached to.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Thursday 8 May 2014

Photoshoot of the workshop dress

These Photos show the dress that many lovely volunteers and I created in a workshop at the Dukes in April. It was a sunny day on Tuesday so was perfect to get some nice snaps! They are taken near the Clougha Pike car park on Rigg Lane near Quernmore..

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A mini exhibition

Today I went along to a "TED x" conference at the university that some others from my studio building were contributing some talks to. A few of us had a stand and tables to share a bit of what we do. We got to meet some interesting people and hear ideas from a great mix of people! Here's a picture of the dresses I took to display.

Monday 5 May 2014

A little idea

A few quick sketches of an idea that drifted into my head yesterday- it's a jellyfish dress... the floaty arm/head drape represents the main dome shaped body of the jellyfish, with the detail on the bodice being the insides of the jelly...  the skirt being made of loads of strips of ruffles and tassels in silky fabrics. I think it would be great photographed hanging from the underneath of a pier!

Saturday 3 May 2014

Idle hands

Just chopped up a couple of purses, building a stock pile of pieces for some future creation!